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It’s about time you could actually learn bass online. 

Online bass lessons are fun, affordable and very effective. Technology has finally paved the way for this style of knowledge transfer to work for almost any platform. From getting a college degree to learning to play an instrument, with a diligent teacher and an enthusiastic student, online learning is finally just as efficient as a classroom setting. Experiences remain individualized, maintain that “1 to 1” quality and offer a level of convenience that just can’t be beat.

The first Skype lesson is absolutely free to make sure the platform is fitting and that I’m able to help you on your journey of discovering more of the low-end.

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Lessons can be recorded to study again.

There are a multitude of advantages to online sessions.

1) Lessons can take place more easily to fit your schedule.

2) Learning bass can happen in the comfort of your own home.

3) Sharing of bass charts and data become real time.

4) Lessons become more affordable without losing any of their quality. With no studio over head and no travel time, both the student and teacher are able to preserve more dollars and more time.

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Group Lessons can be captured for team learning.

5) Lesson Videos can easily be captured to repeat until it sinks in.

6) The comfort of your environment. No waiting in line for lessons.

7) Be able to warm up and tune up prior to your lessons making the most of your learning time.

8) Quickly request specific things to learn that are found online.

9) Real time evaluation and real time results.

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Consistent Learning for Growth.

10) Google Powered. No need to wait for the next lessons to try something new!

If you haven’t tried an online bass lesson yet, you may be missing out! They’re fun, very effective and a great way to learn.

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