Practice Tools

Grab your bass, Seattle Bass lessons Binder, Charts and let’s get to playing!

This is a place to practice your bass lines!! This will continually be updated so take a peak through the tracks. The key and/or chord progression is in the title of each track.

I’ve made these tracks as practice tools for students of Seattle Bass Lessons, however they are available for free for all to use!! If you’d like to learn more or have some bass questions, please feel free to give me a call or email anytime. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free lesson with me if you would like to learn more about how to use these free bass guitar and bass player  practice tools.


Ryan McClelland

Here are some groove tracks. The details of what to play are in the title of each track. Find your creative side, explore the space of the fretboard and find your groove!

Get familiar with the Modes!! Grab your Free Bass Modes Chart and start working with all sorts of new sounds on bass!

Bass and Drums!! Time to figure out the pocket. Here are some great drum practice tracks to layer your bass in with. BPM and style is in the track title. 

Here’s the 12 bar blues. I IV V Pick a key and jam away! If you have any questions please let me know.

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Not being able to practice because you don’t have the right tools is certainly  a vild reason. There are several online tools available for free to help you along your way and help you stay motivated to practice. 

This is one of my favorite basic free online metronomes to use. Goes all the way down to 1 BPM. This is a great way to help you develop solid timing and good natural grooves. 

Keeping your bass in tune is crucial to being able to practice effectively and it’s great ear training. Most online tuners simply play the correct note  for each string and you can work on matching the correct note and pitch to your bass by ear. Make sure you turn your volume up a bit. 

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