Bass Matter

Welcome to the Bass Matter Project.

The idea of technology supporting greater capacities of knowledge transfer is nothing new, but only in the recent past has it become something truly viable with the advancements of online tech. From youtube to forums, skype to fast data transfer and of course, much much more.

There are many great online resources for learning and discovering more of the vast world of low frequencies. Bass Matter is my offering to the world, ebooks, charts, videos and more. All of the things I’ve learned myself from school, trial and error, private lessons, a few thousand hours playing the bass and some great jam sessions. Please feel free to explore the world of Bass Matter, it’s growing every day and best of all, it’s free.

Check us out online and don’t forget to you know….like us on facebook, subscribe on youtube, follow us on twitter etc etc etc. =)

Quick Link to Bass Matter

Quick Link to Bass Matter




Lessons Via Skype- Handle Bass Matter

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